The Consultation

All consultations with you are carried out by experienced, professional planners. Your consultant listens to your requirements with a thorough knowledge of all the high quality materials, colours and the many designs available to you.

At your convenience

Your initial, free, no-obligation consultation takes place in your home at your convenience. Visualising your dream kitchen, bathroom or bedroom in the context of your home, your experienced planning consultant provides practical, working solutions to potential considerations that you might not have thought of.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Your planner will carefully measure your room during the initial visit. The second stage of the consultation is a mutually convenient appointment for you in our showroom. Following our discussions, we present your desired kitchen, bathroom or bedroom as a 3-dimensional computer image with the added benefit of seeing most of our recommendations in our showroom displays. The image above demonstrates how realistic our CAD system is, you can truly see your dream kitchen come to life!

Attention to Detail

You experience a dedicated, thorough service from Prestige. To ensure that your new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom is perfect for you, we measure your room at least twice prior to fitting. Prestige provides you with unsurpassed quality of craftsmanship, quality of materials and designs.

After Sales

You can rely on Prestige to provide you with the second-to-none After Sales service one would expect from a company which has been trading since 1983. When your installation has been completed, our attention to detail does not stop there: we provide a complete After Sales service for you. Peter, Raith and Anne are always on hand for any After Sales advice you may require.

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